November 30, 2007

I wrote a mencoder script back when I was still running Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper to which I could pass various options in order to convert videos from avi to dvd. Three upgrades later, and I seem to have lost the script. I had two choices; one spend a considerable amount of time remembering and re-writing the script, or two look at at using a gui application. I chowse option two. The one that struck me most (other than the front-end to transcode) was DeVeDe. Its a nice simple application that can encode a number of different video formats to DVD, VCD, sVCD formats suitable for playback on your home dvd player (provided you have the dependencies which are mplayer, mencoder, vcdimager, dvdauthor, mkisofs). It has a really simple interface yet provides a fair amount of options for video conversion . You just tell it what you want it to do and it does the conversion and creates a ready to burn iso for you. I found it quite useful.

One thing to note:

“for Ubuntu Gutsy users: by default (as November 21, 2007) Gutsy comes with Mplayer/Mencoder buggy version 1.0RC1 (like Feisty); but fortunately there’s the version 1.0rc2 avaiblable in the backports repository, which fixes the sound bug.”

So had I found my script, I think I would have run into a problem anyways 😉


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