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Life updates…

August 10, 2009

Things have been quite intense over the past couple months. Here’s what’s been happening…

  • Close relatives have been in and out of hospital for the months of June and July
  • The exhaustion of having spent every or every second day in hospital left me fatigue and in a somnolent state for the two months.
  • Relieved myself from some minor financial difficulty.
  • Close relatives passed away.
  • My brother injured hist neck in a rugby match and was admitted to hospital, he was kept there for two weeks.
  • My motherĀ  re-married about week ago.
  • My personal cellphone has become nonexistent, although the number still exists.
  • The state of my work mobile has worsened.
  • Started learning PERL.
  • Got my RHCT. Next up RHCE.
  • A few other non-highlighted issues…

…aside from feeling like I’ve just stepped out of a coma, Things are slowly starting to get better and I’m re-gaining control of my life which has been a turbulent storm since May 2009.