Less interesting things you probably know about Hardy Heron

April 23, 2008

So we say good bye to 6.10 as it’s reached its end of life cycle but welcome yet another astonishing release of the worlds most popular distro. So whats new this time around? For this release the community looks to have focused more on fixing/extending current features as apposed to implementing new ones, making sure the release is robust. Some work has been done on Ubiquity, the ubuntu installer, that checks wheather there are exiting partitions and at minimum preserves permissions of /home, /srv, /root. Amoung others are X/AutodetectMonitorFrequency, HardyDesktopEffects, HardyFullDiskHandling, MultiMonitorConfig, Prefetch, HardyAppArmor, Firewall and probably the most notable the HardyTheme.

This release is shipping with Xorg 7.3, Gnome 2.22, Linux kernel 2.6.24, Firefox 3 beta, Transmission ( Bit Torrent Client ) , Vinagre ( New VNC client ), Brasero ( Which will replace Serpentine ), Pulse Audio and the World Clock Applet.

With less than a day to go I am looking forward to the new release.


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