f*#$@ Eve#$@#$

September 4, 2007

It saddens me , more than it angers me to write about this. My girlfriend was on her usual route to work this morning when she was inappropriately approached by the Police. She was at her usual bus stop awaiting her bus. Unfortunately there was no one around at this time of the morning. When a police van had stopped not too far from where she was standing. A Police Officer then got out of the van and approached her. They Police Officer then asked where she was going. My girlfriend, then informed him that she had been waiting for her bus, whilst not too far away was a lady on her way to that very bus stop. The Police Officer then says to my girlfriend that she’s not safe here and starts getting very graphic with the descriptions of what the potential dangers are and makes her a little nervous so she backs away from him. He then grabs her arm and says “Get in the van, you’re going with us…”. My girlfriend says that her bus will be here any second and that he should let go of her. The officer refuses to let go and tells her she *must* get in the van. Physically hurting her arm, the Police Officer tries to shove her into the van. The Police Officer tells my girlfriend to “shut up” and just get in. At this point my girlfriend is being forced against her will and pleads for the officer to let go but he simply would not listen. The approaching lady witnesses what is happening and walks up to the Police Officer and tells him to let go of her. The Police Officer, refusing to let go, still does not listen and says “Just get the hell in…”. The lady then tries to fend the Police Officer off but he would not leave her alone. The lady starts screaming at the Police Officer, desperately battling with him to let go of my girlfriend as the bus arrives. The bus driver who, knows my girlfriend sees what is happening and stops the bus. The Police Officer then sees the bus driver and simply lets go mumbling things to himself as he walks away, jumps into the the van and drives off in a hurry. It was unfortunate that no one got a number plate of the vehicle.

How can we rely on these people to keep our  neighborhood safe? Its fucking ridiculous.


3 Responses to “f*#$@ Eve#$@#$”

  1. Why did the officer take her away? She could make a case against the office if there was any misconduct.

  2. hummingbird Says:


    Get into the habit of taking down names & license plates when you have to deal with police.

    Our government seems hellbent on recreating the Apartheid police state under the guise of ‘transformation’ and the only thing that will nip it in the bud is if cops – early on – get the message that even the smallest case of misconduct will not be tolerated and if you fuck with a member of the public you can expect a shitstorm of publicity and formal charges that will not only destroy any hopes you might ever have nurtured for your career in policing AND have you ostracized and shunned by the community you were supposed to be protecting.

  3. igshaan Says:

    The intent of this post was to simply inform people and not bring discredit upon our current state of police. It should not be taken in any defamatory sense.

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