Telkom… need I say more?

August 24, 2007

Its 11:30 and I get a call from telkom informing me that I can, at my earliest convenience, fetch my ADSL self installation kit at one of their Customer Service Center’s. Finally! I have been three weeks after having gone through the horror of moving the telephone line from my fathers name to mine. Off to the the nearest Customer Service Center it was,only to get told that their out of modems. The sales consultant then recommends I go to their Kenilworth Branch. So I then ask her to confirm that they have stock available to as I do not want to travel all the way to Kenilworth and waste my time. She then confirms that they do. So I make my way down to the Kenilworth branch where they refuse to help because the telephone line is not registered under my name.

I then explained that I have already been through the transfer and have been charged with numerous Service fees to have the line moved to my name(I had the proof with me). At about 3:20 after I had my dad call the branch and fax is ID to them and give me permission to collect the router they decided to help me out. It was quite frustrating. So I get home at about 5:15 and set the DSL up, whilst waiting on hold with their (telkom) Service Desk to receive my DSL account credentials. By then I had the DSL account working with the telkom guest account. After wating an hour and fifteen minutes (I recorded the amount of time took to to have my call answered) I finally get to a support guy who is even less helpfull. He tells me that an account has not yet been created for me and that I have to call back later this week for those details as he is not able to create one.



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